Time to surrender SBI ATM card? What State Bank of India customers should know

Time to surrender SBI ATM card? What State Bank of India customers should know

At a time when scores of bank customers fear cloning of their ATM cards, State Bank of India (SBI) is providing a facility where you can make card-less cash withdrawal. This facility is available through SBI Yono Card. You may be wondering if you should now surrender you ATM card as cash can be withdrawn without it. Well, there are two reasons that may make you think against surrendering the ATM card. First, cash withdrawal with the help of SBI Yono app is currently limited. If you want to rely solely on card-less cash withdrawal facility through YONO platform, you should know that cash can be collected only at select ATMs (YONO Cash Points -YCP). “The account holder can withdraw money from select State Bank ATMs which are enabled for ‘YONO Cash’ functionality (YCPs),” SBI says in response to a query on Quora.

Second, the use of ATM cards is your discretion. SBI says, “Customers may surrender their ATM cards as the usage of the same is their individual discretion.”


Also, the ATM card is used not just for cash withdrawal. It can be used also at POS terminals and for online payments.

How to withdraw cash with Yono platform:

Step 1: Login to Yono app/portal. Choose YONO Cash option from Quick links or under YONO Pay. You will be redirected to YONO Cash landing page.

Step 2: On YONO Cash landing page, you can find the nearest YONO Cash Points by clicking on the ‘Nearest YONO cash Points’.

Step 3: For cash withdrawal, selects ‘Request YONO Cash’. This will take you to a new page where you need to first select the account to be debited. Enter the amount to be withdrawn. You can withdraw a maximum amount of Rs.10,000 per transaction and maximum amount of Rs.20,000/- per account, per day from ATM.

Step 4: Select ATM as the delivery channel. On the next page, you need to create YONO Cash PIN for the transaction. You can see this PIN only on the screen of your device at the time of the creation. It won’t be shared through other means with you.

Step 5: ‘Review’ your transaction details, and after agreeing on Terms & Conditions, click on ‘Confirm’ button.

Step 6: Find the nearest YONO Cash Points to withdraw the cash by clicking on the ‘Nearest YONO cash Points’. At the YONO Cash enabled State Bank ATM /Recyclers (YCP), you can withdraw cash with the help of the PIN.


Source:- zeebiz