Is your bank closed today? You can still carry these 10 transactions via ATM

Is your bank closed today? You can still carry these 10 transactions via ATM

On Tuesday, banks are closed across India because of Eid celebrations. That said, citizens would not be able to carry out financial transactions such as demand draft, cheque-related services, opening a bank account, cash deposits, investments or opting for loans, etc. Not only banks, even money market and stock exchanges like Sensex and Nifty are also shut. However, if a customer wants to carry out transactions today, the ATMs will be their only source. But one must not worry, as ATM services these days have become quite advanced and in fact can help you in applying for loans or even investment in Fixed deposits. Even though your bank is closed today, you can still carry below mentioned financial services through ATM. Let’s find out!

1. Bill Payments – Days are gone for standing in a queue of a post office to pay your bills. ATMs have now come in quite handy, all you have to do is just visit your nearby bank branch ATM, insert your debit card and enter your PIN to use the option. You can make payment for utility bills like electricity, gas cylinder refueling, etc.


2. Fixed deposits investment – This saves you from a lot of time and effort. Firstly for investing in FDs at ATM a person must make sure that this facility is offered by their bank. Most of the private banks and major state-owned banks do offer this service to Indian residents. For requesting for creating an FD a customer will have to authenticate their debit card and PIN and specify for the investment amount and tenure at ATM. What happens is after sending the request, a bank creates an FD generally 3 working days through ATM channel from a customers availability of funds in savings account.

Once done, a bank sends the fixed deposit receipt at the registered address of the customers.

3. Pre-approved personal loan application – What happens is that, after cash withdrawal a personal loan pre-qualified offer message is shown to the customer with the maximum offer amount a customer is eligible for.

A customer can proceed further for the application. Once accepted for a personal loan, the next screen at ATM shows six offers that a customer is eligible for a personal loan. Next screen displays standard MII which is applicable to all customers.

4. Feeding Aadhaar details with bank account – This process is quite common, in fact, many banks ask their customers to register their 12-digit biometric Aadhaar card with their account through ATMs. One can feed Aadhaar details or register them with their bank account, by logging into an ATM and select registration button on the screen. A customer will receive seeding confirmation within 24 hours of the registration process.

5. Mobile recharge – A customer only has to provide a connection number and the recharge amount at an ATM to carry this process. Once done, an amount will be deducted from your bank account instantly and your mobile/DTH would be recharged immediately.

6. Pay insurance premium – Many insurers like LIC and SBI Life offer this facility to their customers. This section can be selected in the bills pay option at ATMs. After feeding in details like insurance provider, policy number, date of birth, premium amount, one can conform to complete the transactions.

7. Cash depositing – A customer can make a small cash deposit using an ATM. Many banks do allow this service, and all you have to do is insert your debit card in the machine, follow the instructions for carrying a cash deposit. Generally, you will have to feed in currency details for following the procedure. Once done, the ATM will confirm your deposited cash immediately via a confirmation message on your registered mobile number.

8. E-verify your Income Tax Return (ITR) – On the Income Tax Department website, it is revealed that one can e-verify their Income Tax Return (ITR) filing even via ATM. At first, a customer will have to swipe their debit card in an ATM, then click on PIN for e-filing. An EVC will be sent on your registered mobile number. Then you can log in to e-filing portal and select option to e-verify return using bank ATM. Enter that EVC on e-filing portal, and it will be immediately verified.

9. Income Tax payment – Through an ATM, a person can pay advance tax, self-assessment tax as well as tax due after regular assessment. For this facility, you need to first be registered on your bank’s website or its any branch. Once you carry this procedure at ATM, you will receive a unique code which you can take it to your bank after 24 hours for printing the challan.

10. Cardless cash withdrawal – A debit card holder can transfer funds to anyone who has access to an ATM for availing this transaction. In case of the receiver, they have to enter the codes in prescribed manner along with the amount and mobile number for withdrawing cash from ATM without any use of a debit card.

From above, it is quite clear using ATMs have become even more fun and flexible than before. But one must note that, in case of cash withdrawal using debit card there are daily limits which varies from bank to bank. Hence, ensure you do not cross that limit or else charges will be levied.

Source: zeebiz