Indian Railways’ connecting journey booking: Check how to link two PNRs, board linked trains

Indian Railways’ connecting journey booking: Check how to link two PNRs, board linked trains

Indian Railways connecting journey booking: The Indian Railways passengers can book linking trains from the IRCTC website, apps and from ticket counter for their extended journey. The facility is for those passengers who want to travel different places by train or travel to other places from the terminating station of the first train. They can get details of this service from the IRCTC website or app.

Once booked the ticket, the passenger will receive a connecting PNR the journeys. This option is available under main menu “TRAINS”. The passengers’ PNR of originating station and boarding station of the next train should be same. PNR “To” station and Return station should be same to avail this facility. Passenger details including name is both PNRs should be same. Name,age, and gender changes will are not allowed for connected PNRs. Only Confirm/Part Confirm ticket is allowed for connecting journey ticket booking.


On partial cancellation of any connected PNR, it will be de-linked. However, quota ticket or current booking PNR is not allowed for connecting journey ticket booking, according to the information available on the IRCTC website. The minimum and a maximum difference of time between scheduled arrival at the destination of the main journey and scheduled departure at boarding of connecting Journey is 1 minute and 5 days, respectively.

The passengers will not be allowed to change the boarding station for connected PNRs. There is no VIKALP option on connected journey ticket.

How to book “connecting journey” ticket?

1. On the IRCTC website, there is an option “Connecting journey booking” provided under main menu “TRAINS”
2. There will be “Find train for journey” option
3. The passengers will be able to check accommodation availability in train on train list page
4. They have to click on “Book Now” button
5. The passengers need to put eligible counter ticket or PNR booked with same user ID for which connecting Journey ticket to be booked.
6. PNR would be checked and if eligible for connecting Journey booking, the passenger details of the input PNR would be auto populated for booking the ticket.