BEWARE SBI account holders! Do not make these mistakes at bank ATMs and online, you will lose your money

BEWARE SBI account holders! Do not make these mistakes at bank ATMs and online, you will lose your money

This news will definitely make all SBI account holders to sit up and pay attention! Yes, it is about their bank account and how they can lose the money in it if they make these mistakes unknowingly. State Bank of India (SBI), the largest state-owned bank in the country, has warned its customers, saying they should be careful amid increasing incidents of fraud. Since these frauds are being done not only through online transactions but also through bank ATMs, the lender has advised customers to keep their account safe. It has warned them that they should not commit such mistakes, which may cause their bank account to be emptied. SBI has issued the alert to its bank account holders and provided them with safe banking tips.

Avoid online transactions through public internet


Issuing dos and don’ts, the SBI has asked its customers not to do online transactions with public devices, open networks and free Wi-Fi zones. Using the public device is prone to risk as it may leak customers’ personal information, according to the bank.

Don’t share OTP, PIN, CVV, UPI PIN

According to the State Bank of India, customers should never tell anyone their OTP (one time password), PIN, debit or credit card CVV number. Further, the bank said that most of the frauds are committed this way. It also added that customers should take precaution if someone on the phone call, after taking the name of the bank, warns you to block your card and asks you to change the password, OTP or CVV number written on the back of the card.

Never save bank account on phone

According to SBI, never save your bank account or online banking information in your phone. The bank also stated that your information can be leaked even if you have put your bank account number, password, ATM card number or picture of it in your phone.

Don’t share ATM card/other details

According to SBI, you alone should use your bank ATM card, and never share your debit cards or credit cards with anyone. Apart from this, even card details should not be shared with anyone, as by doing this, your account information can be leaked. Also, transactions can take place without your permission.

Bank never asks for these information

SBI also shared this information on its Twitter account that it never seeks sensitive information like user ID, PIN, password, CVV, OTP, VPA (UPI) from its customers. Customers should take care of these things while doing every transaction.